Technology has always fascinated me. Especially in the area of computer science, the ability to write a small piece of code and watch it do wonders is always mesmerizing and a true source for inspiration. The desire to create something worthy and of utility to the world is an optimum goal. The passion to work with technology and the spark of intellect has been the source of the zeal for being the best at what I do. Computer Science, once a hobby is now a passion I love to work with to create something truly amazing for the world.

My personality relates to a vast canvas of beautifully painted fields of interests. Adventure and tourism bring the thrill to life. Cars fill me up to the brim with passion and desire. A petrolhead would understand very well what the sound of a V8 can do. Bringing more color to life, I love to sing - a link to my collection is available in the Interests section. Reading books and watching tv series is also a great thrill because of the outlook they present of the writer. Some are mind boggling and some truly inspiring. Last but not the least, I am a big fan of aviation and aeronautics - fields of technology I believe to be most interesting because of the wonders they have achieved.

My attitude to life is very candid. I believe that everyone should live life to the fullest and explore the world for its beauty. I am agnostic and support logic and rationality. On the contrary, I also have a very sweet spot for friends and family. For me, success can only be achieved by hardwork and by putting your heart into what you do. Loving every single part of life is vital for being happy and that's the sort of person I am. Failure doesn't scare me and I stubbornly stand up to my principles and beliefs. I'm very open-minded, friendly and love to hang out with friends. The bottom line is, we do what we love to live the way we love, so having a life is as important as working for it.


A keen interest in mobile application development fueled by the desire to create utility applications for the people. Technology is brought closest to the world via mobiles from the past decade and development for the people is all a technology enthusiast cares about.


Web Development began in the early 90s and is still one of the leading platforms to showcase one's work, idea or product. The skill for development on the World Wide Web is thus vital.


A developer should be able to morph any logic onto any development platform. A quick learning ability with adaptive skills can lead to a successful implementation of wonderful ideas. Development is an art, practiced by those who strive for excellence in every technological aspect.


Songs of soul

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. View My Collection

A desire for adventure

Travel is more than the seeing of sights. It is a change that goes on, deep & permanent, inside one's soul, when one experiences the true beauty of nature.

Beautiful trips carve beautiful memories

A Passion for Cars

The roar of engines that sparks a passion so great, that it fuels the desire to experience the true craftsmanship of man.

Metal carved into beauty. A passion for desire.

Exploring another life

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads only lives one.

George RR Martin

Curiosity for aeronautics

Technology is an art which brings awe to a keen mind, joy to a passionate and support to the ordinary.

What's better than rocket science

Flair for the virtual world

Virtual world isn't an escape from reality. It is a gift of dreams that the real world may not possess.

Inspiration can be found in unexpected places



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